CBD for Pain Management

Lacking psychotropic effects and being present in high amounts in hemp, CBD for pain management has gained considerable interest not only in the world of alternative wellness, but also within the scientific community. 

Pain management continues to be a difficult challenge for pain sufferers and healthcare providers alike. Conventional pain medications often lose their efficacy over time — requiring higher doses to provide relief as patients develop tolerance to the drugs; adverse side effects are a trade-off that many patients have no choice but to accept; and certain types of drugs also have a high risk for abuse and dependence. Without a reliably effective drug option, people with chronic or acute pain also often experience poor quality of life and develop mental health problems. 

cbd for pain management

The Science of CBD for Pain Management

A number of clinical studies have revealed that CBD may offer therapeutic benefits for different types of pain.

The growing body of evidence supporting the pain-relief benefits of CBD has made CBD products a popular alternative pain management option for many sufferers. The easy accessibility to a wide variety of CBD products, however, makes it even more important to choose good-quality, hemp-derived CBD to ensure safety and a higher potential for efficacy. 

Only buy from reputable manufacturers and retailers, and always look for the product’s certificate of analysis (COA) to verify content and quality.