Is CBD the New Antibiotic

Is CBD the New Antibiotic?

CBD’s many purported health benefits are quickly moving from the uncertain realm of “potential” to the solid domain of scientific reality. The latest CBD potential benefit that has been proven by scientific research is its antibiotic properties. The latest findings may soon lead to the development of a new class of antibiotics that can effectively work against resistant bacteria. 

Is CBD the New Antibiotic

Why is CBD’s antibiotic potential highly relevant?

Antibiotic resistance has been a significant global health threat over the last few decades, resulting from the widespread misuse of antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance describes the ability of disease-causing bacteria to adapt to commonly used antibiotics, so that the antibiotics become less or completely ineffective in fighting off bacterial infection. As new and stronger antibiotics are developed, these bacteria also continue to adapt, creating multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria. 

Antibiotic resistance means infections that used to be treatable with antibiotics can now lead to death. Patients with a compromised immune system, such as those undergoing chemotherapy or have undergone organ transplants, are the most vulnerable. 

The latest findings which establish the effectiveness of CBD in fighting off bacteria may lead to the development of the first new class of antibiotics in six decades. 

CBD as a New Antibiotic

The study which was published just earlier this year found that CBD is widely effective against many types of bacteria — a lot more than what was previously known, in fact. CBD is also effective against antibiotic-resistant pathogens, including MRSA or “golden staph” — which is a common bacterial infection whose ability to resist antibiotic treatments has made it a serious problem in hospitals. 

The said research also showed for the first time that CBD may kill the bacteria responsible for gonorrhoea, meningitis, and legionnaires disease. Another highly significant finding is that CBD may not be susceptible to bacterial resistance, although further research is needed to confirm this. 

Now that science has established that CBD might be an effective antibiotic, understanding exactly how CBD attacks bacteria will help scientists manipulate and improve this ability so they can develop a new class of antibiotics using this amazing plant chemical. 

Is CBD the New Antibiotic

Will CBD Products Work as an Antibiotic?

Antibiotics are powerful medications that treat and prevent bacterial infections by killing off bacteria or inhibiting their growth. This group of drugs is only available through a prescription, as specific bacterial strains require specific antibiotic medications — and this means that proper antibiotic treatment requires proper diagnosis and identification of the bacteria.

With this in mind, one should not use any CBD product as a substitute for antibiotics; if you have been diagnosed with a bacterial infection and prescribed an antibiotic, you should follow your doctor’s prescribed treatment. Likewise, if you suspect that you might have a bacterial infection, it’s best to get checked by a doctor so you can receive proper treatment. Attempting to treat such an infection with CBD might lead to more serious complications. 

Given CBD’s established antibacterial properties, however, it still might be useful in helping prevent bacterial infection, i.e., protecting you from disease-causing bacteria. 

Until an antibiotic derived from CBD is developed, the use of CBD should only be limited to alternative prevention; it should not be used as a treatment, not even alongside an antibiotic medication. 

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